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About JOP. Journal of the Pancreas

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   JOP. Journal of the Pancreas is covered in the Emerging Sources Citation Index, which means all articles published in the journal are indexed in Web of Science at the time of publication.   

You may submit manuscripts online at https://www.imedpub.com/submissions/jop-pancreas.html (or) By E-mail [email protected]

JOP. Journal of the Pancreas publishes multidisciplinary research that covers theory and practice in all the related fields of pancreatic diseases and therapy.

JOP is a peer-reviewed and an open access journal publishes manuscripts bi-monthly on relevant topics including etiology, epidemiology, prevention, genetics, pathophisiology, diagnosis, surgical and medical management of pancreatic diseases including cancer, inflammatory diseases, diabetes mellitus, clinical pancreatology, internal medicine, clinical research, gastrointestinal surgery, endocrinology, hepatology, management of acute pancreatitis, diabetes, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and its treatments, chronic pancreatitis, neuroendocrine tumor, cystic fibrosis and other congenital disorders.

The submissions include original research, case studies, innovations in program development, scholarly reviews, theoretical discourse and book reviews. Additionally, the Journal encourages submission of responsible speculations and commentary. JOP. Journal of the Pancreas provides topical reviews and updates relevant to pancreatic anomalies and therapy along with ongoing annotated research reviews published elsewhere, making the Journal a unique and valuable reference resource. The editorial board consists of a panel of international luminaries entrusted with the task of providing the readership the state-of-the-art information that will be of great value to all that function within the field of pancreatic research.

The JOP. Journal of Pancreas follows single blind peer review process for validating the quality and worth of each received manuscript. Review process is performed under the aegis of the Editorial Board members of the Journal. After primary quality check each article is reviewed by the outside experts under the guidance of the assigned Editor. At least two independent reviewers approval followed by Editor approval is mandatory for acceptance of any submission.


Associated With

Pancreatitis Supporters Network
Greek Society for Liver Pancreas and Biliary
Belarusian Pancreatic Club

Open Access Statement

This is an open access journal which allows all content available freely without any charge to the individual user or any Institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without any prior permission from the publisher or the author provided the author is given due credit wherever necessary. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access..



The pancreas is a long, flat gland that located in the abdomen behind the stomach. It produces -several important enzymes that are released into the small intestine to help with digestion. Pancreas also contains clusters of cells called islets. The cells in these islets produce hormones such as insulin and glucagon, which help control the level of glucose (a type of sugar) in the blood.

Related Journals of Pancreas

Pancreas, Pancreatology, Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diseases International


Pancreatitis is inflammation in the pancreas. The pancreas is a long, level organ that sits tucked behind the stomach in the upper abdomen. The pancreas produces enzymes that help digestion and hormones that help direct the way your body procedures sugar (glucose). Pancreas can occur as acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis.

Related Journals of Pancreatitis

Pancreatology, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diseases International

Pancreas Function

The pancreas is really two glands that are intimately mixed together into one organ. The first functional component is “exocrine” and second functional component is “endocrine”. Exocrine” cells that produce enzymes to help with the digestion of food and endocrine pancreas is composed of small islands of cells, called the islets of Bosch BC1711 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set For 20.

Related Journals of Pancreas Function

Pancreas, Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy, Pancreatology, Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Diseases International

Acute Pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is a sudden inflammation of the pancreas which occurs for a short span. Another term used for acute pancreatitis is acute pancreatic necrosis. It can lead to severe complication or even death despite high levels of treatment. In severe cases, acute pancreatitis results in bleeding into the gland, serious tissue damage, infection, and cyst formation. It can also harm other vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys. Acute pancreatitis is diagnosed clinically but sometimes requires CT evaluation, Full blood count, Renal function tests, imaging etc.

Related Journals of Acute Pancreatitis

Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, The American Journal of Surgery, Pancreatology, Digestive and Liver Disease

Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis is a permanent inflammation of the pancreas that does not heal or improve and alters the organ's normal structure and functions. It is usually followed after an episode of acute pancreatitis. Heavy alcohol drinking is another major cause. Chronic pancreatitis can present as episodes of severe inflammation in an injured pancreas, or as chronic damage with persistent pain or malabsorption. Diabetes is a common complication arising due to the chronic pancreatic damage and requires treatment with insulin.

Related Journals of Chronic Pancreatitis
Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, The American Journal of Surgery, Pancreatology, Digestive and Liver Disease

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a malignant neoplasm originating from transformed cells arising in tissues forming the pancreas. Pancreatic cancer (cancer of the pancreas) mainly occurs in people aged over 60. If it is diagnosed at an early stage, then an operation to remove the cancer gives some chance of a cure. In general, the more advanced the cancer (the more it has grown and spread), the less chance that treatment will be curative. Both the exocrine and endocrine cells of the pancreas can form tumors. But tumors formed by the exocrine cells are much more common. Pancreatic cancer cells do not experience programmatic death, but instead continue to grow and divide.

Related Journalsof Pancreatic Cancer

Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, European Journal of Cancer, Pancreatology, The American Journal of Surgery

Diabetic Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin, which result from defects in insulin secretion, or action, or both. Diabetes mellitus Diabetes is a chronic medical condition, meaning that although it can be controlled, it lasts a lifetime. There are three main types of diabetes mellitus: 1. Type 1 DM; 2. Type 2 DM; 3. Gestational diabetes.

Related Journals of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Metabolism, Gastroenterology, Pancreatology

Pancreatic Surgery

Pancreatic surgery is a challenging procedure and is done when it the only option that can lead to a prolonged survival in pancreatic cancer and, or in some cases, perhaps a potential chance for cure. It is used for treatment of chronic pancreatitis and other less common benign diseases of the pancreas. Whipple’s pancreaticoduodenectomy is the operation most commonly performed surgery for tumors of the pancreatic head. It involves removal of part of the stomach, the whole of the duodenum, part of the small bowel, the head of the pancreas, the bile duct and the gallbladder, leaving behind the major blood vessels. The main goal of pancreatic surgery is the relief of intractable pain and decompression of adjacent organs.

Related Journals of Pancreatic Surgery

Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, The American Journal of Surgery, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Pancreatology, Journal of Surgical Research, The Lancet, Surgery, European Journal of Cancer, Digestive and Liver Disease, European Journal of Cancer Supplements, Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery

Autoimmune Pancreatitis

Autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) is a newly discovered type of chronic pancreatitis that can be difficult to distinguish from pancreatic carcinoma. Autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) is found to responds to treatment with corticosteroids, especially prednisone. Nowadays it is regarded as a form of hyper-IgG4 disease. There are two categories of AIP: Types 1 and Type 2 each with different clinical profiles. Type 1 AIP patients tended to be older and have a high relapse rate, but patients with Type 2 AIP do not experience relapse and tend to be younger. AIP does not affect long-term survival.

Related Journal of Autoimmune Pancreatitis

Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Pancreatology, Digestive and Liver Disease, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Gastroenterology Report, American Journal of Roentgenology,  the New England Journal of Medicine

Pancreatic Pseudocyst

Pancreatic pseudocyst is a fluid-filled sac in the abdomen, which sometimes also contains tissues, enzymes and blood from pancreas. Pancreatic pseudocyst occurs usually in a patient with chronic pancreatitis. It may also oocur in people with pancreas injury or after trauma to abdomen. Pancreatic pseudocyst develops when the pancreatic ducts are damaged by the inflammation that occurs during pancreatitis. Unlike true cysts, pseudocyst are not lined by epithelium but with with granulation tissue. Other complication arising because of pancreatic pseudocyst includes infection, hemorrhage, obstruction, rupture, compression in urinary system, biliary system, and arteriovenous system.

Related Journal of Pancreatic Pseudocyst

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Gastroenterology, The American Journal of Surgery, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Pancreatology

Pancreas Transplantation

Pancreas transplantation is the transfer of a healthy pancreas from donor to patients with diabetes. Since pancreas is a vital organ, the patient's native pancreas is left in place, and the donated pancreas is placed in a different location. This is done because in case of rejection of the new pancreas, the patient will develop severe diabetes and he would not survive without the native pancreas still in place. The healthy pancreas comes from a donor who has just died or from a brain dead person. At present, pancreas transplants are commonly done in persons with severe insulin-dependent diabetes.

Related Journals of Pancreas Transpalntation

Transplantation Proceedings, Gastroenterology, Pancreatology, The Lancet, The American Journal of Surgery, Journal of Surgical Research

Islet Cell Carcinoma

Islet cell carcinoma is an uncommon cancer of the endocrine pancreas. It accounts for approximately 1.3% of pancreatic cancer. It is also known as or nesidioblastoma. Pancreatic islet cell tumors can be benign or malignant. Islet cells produce many different hormones; most tumors release only one hormone that leads to specific symptoms. There are different types of islet cell tumor such as: Gastrinomas (Zollinger-Ellison syndrome), Glucagonomas, Insulinomas. Islet cell tumors are treatable even after they have metastasized. Symptoms include sweating, Headache, Hunger, anxiety, Double or blurry vision, pounding heartbeat, Diarrhea, Ulcers in the stomach and small bowel, Vomiting blood etc.

Realated Journals of Islet cell carcinoma

Gastroenterology, The American Journal of Surgery, The Lancet, Human Pathology, The American Journal of Medicine

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder that affects the lungs, pancreas, liver, and intestine. Its main characteristic is disrupted transport of chloride and sodium across an epithelium, which leads to thick, viscous secretions. It is also known as mucoviscidosis. Abnormal breathing is the most serious symptom which results from frequent lung infections. Cystic fibrosis is caused by a frameshift mutation in the gene for the protein cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR). The name cystic fibrosis was given because there is a cyst formation in the Pancreas. The thick mucus secretion occurring due to cystic fibrosis block the way of digestive and endocrine enzymes of pancreas, causing a complete damage to pancreas.

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Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, The Journal of Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, The Lancet, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, The American Journal of Surgery, Respiratory Medicine, The American Journal of Medicine


Pathophysiology or physiopathology is a convergence of pathology with physiology. Pathology describes the conditions during the diseased state whereas physiology is the discipline that describes mechanisms operating within an organism. Pathology describes the abnormal condition, whereas pathophysiology seeks to explain the physiological processes because of which such condition develops and progresses. In other words, pathophysiology defines the functional changes associated resulting from disease or injury.

Related Journals of Pathophysiology

Gastroenterology, Pancreatology, Biological Psychiatry, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Pathophysiology

Artificial Pancreas

Artificial Pancreas is a technology developed to help people with diabetes automatically control their blood glucose by providing a replacement of insulin of healthy pancreas. The main aim of artificial pancreas is to provide an efficient insulin replacement therapy so that blood glucose control is normal and there are no complications of hyperglycemia. Artificial Pancreas eases the burden of therapy for the insulin-dependent. This system is worn like an insulin pump and has been termed the 'artificial pancreas' because it monitors and adjusts insulin levels just as the pancreas does in people without diabetes.

Related Journals of Artificial Pancreas
Gastroenterology, Pancreatology, The New England Journal of Medicine, The American Journal of Surgery, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Metabolism

Annular Pancreas

Annular pancreas is a rare condition in which some of the pancreatic tissue outgrows and surround the duodenum. This extra tissue arises from the head of the pancreas. This causes constriction of duodenum thus blocking the flow of food to remaining part of intestines. The frequency of occurrence of annular pancreas is 1 out of 12,000 to 15,000 newborns. It is usually occurs due to abnormal or extra embryological development. However some adult cases have also been reported. Early signs of abnormality include polyhydramnios, low birth weight and feeding intolerance immediately after birth.

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Journal of Pediatric Surgery, The American Journal of Surgery, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology

Pancreatic Disorders

Pancreas is an organ, which plays a major role in digestion and hormone production. Disorders of pancreas include acute pancreatitis, hereditary pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The journal stocks up information about pancreatic disorders, methods of detection, different therapies and advanced treatments to overcome pancreatic disorders.

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Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy, Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences, International Journal of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diseases, Journal of Gastroenterology, Pancreatology & Liver Disorders

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JOP. Journal of the Pancreas received 29233 citations as per google scholar report

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